Sinclair’s Loadmaster


An iconic and innovative design, this cartridge loader is an excellent purchase for keen shooters and speeds up the reloading process. In 1990 Bill Sinclair, the famous gun engraver, invented and patented his Loadmaster and sold over 4,000 in four years. Oliver Brown has supplied a smaller version for a number of years, but we can now offer the original size which holds 40 x 12 bore cartridges with the inner box now made from lightweight and unbreakable ABS plastic. It works by stacking the cartridges vertically in a zigzag column, allowing gravity to feed them to the loading ports. The sloping sides channel the cartridges from each side to the middle, meaning there are always two cartridges offered simultaneously with the heads facing outwards, which can be pulled out by the shooter one by one or in pairs for easy loading. The Loadmaster also works with 16 bore (x44), 20 bore (x50) and 28 bore (x54) cartridges. For 20 and 28 bore calibres it is necessary to fit the Loadmaster with removable inserts which narrow the two vertical channels and maintain the downward pressure of each cartridge. Please select which inserts you require for your calibre. Available in canvas and leather, standard leather and premium leather.

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Press stud flap
  • Canvas and leather: dark green canvas with dark brown leather trim
  • Standard leather: dark brown or cognac
  • Premium leather: best quality Sedgewicks English waxed bridle hide in dark Havana or conker

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