3 deliciously unusual hip-flask alternatives to put fire in your belly.

flask_round_leather gifts-flask-hunt-silver Huddled in the brake between drives or standing braced against the weather at the edge a wood, there are few things more reassuring than the heft of a well-made, well-filled flask. When it comes to deciding what exactly we’ll want to find in our flasks, we like to be guided by the weather. That’s why we step outside the morning of a shoot and take stock of the weather. Snow prompts us to think of the purple, fruity, bitter sweetness of sloe or damson gin. The prospect of wind and rain has us reaching for whisky on the premise that the powerful, almost medicinal peatiness of Laphroaig or Ardbeg is the best way to revive dampened spirits. However, those invigoratingly chilly, pale blue mornings on which the low winter sun quickly burns off even the crispest frost raise our spirits to such an extent that we’re tempted to top up with something a little out of the ordinary. Despite its reputation as a spirit as coarse as the hands of the naval ratings that traditionally live on it, we’ve discovered that high-quality rum like Pampero’s Aniversario can in fact be something to be sipped and savoured. The pale pink and delicate flavour of Chase Rhubarb Vodka brings to mind longer, warmer summer days, but if we’re looking for a draught that that isn’t simply slightly summery but is more like summer actually in a bottle, we reach for something home made. Here’s our very own recipe for blood-red raspberry vodka: Ingredients: 2lbs raspberries 1/4lb granulated sugar 2 pints of vodka Method: Combine the ingredients in a large glass jar - make sure you use one with a lid! Stir gently from time to time for the first few days to ensure the sugar dissolves. Leave to steep for three to six weeks and then strain through a muslin.