5 of the best: Kitbags, overnight bags and suit carriers

shutterstock_133004567 There’s an old-world charm to a good, solid leather suitcase. It makes one yearn for the shuffling rumble of steam locomotives and the shriek of steam whistles. It puts one in mind of the good old days when stations were staffed by porters and sporty little motorcars had luggage racks on the back and nobody had ever uttered the phrase ‘bear with me’. Oh well. ‘O tempora, O mores’, and so on. Whatever the indignities of modern air travel, the general ghastliness of motorway service stations and the world-class indolence of British railway staff, there’s a lot to be said for much of the progress we’ve made. We can now get to Europe by train, we can fly anywhere in the world in a day or so and our suitcases don’t weigh 250lbs before we’ve even started packing. (Not that the weight of one’s suitcase mattered much when one had porters swarming about and a couple of shillings to spare.) But that’s not to say that those big plastic suitcases one sees being wheeled about are remotely acceptable. It’s the noise they make. Or is it their ubiquity? Either way, the principal holds true: giving one’s host or a hotel porter a heads up that quality’s come to stay by kitting oneself out with exceptionally smart luggage is still very much a good idea. That’s why we’ve picked out five of our favorite bags, and wish you Godspeed, and may the wind be at your back – wherever your travels take you. A seriously simple, seriously stylish weekender in canvas and leather: front_duffel_bag_kc_ A canvas and waxed leather suit carrier that’s ideal for those weddings that involve a weekend away (and an uncreased suit of morning tails and evening dress). suit_bag_a_1 Tough and waterproof, roomy and washable, this kitbag is as suitable for sporting occasions as it is for packing one’s wherewithals (or even two people’s wherewithals) before jumping in the car and heading out of town: cargo-kitbagco IATA compliant for cabin luggage but easily big enough for a few days’ dolce far niente on the continent, the Chapman Canvas Flight Holdall means you’ll never have to queue at baggage reclaim ever again: nsrh9_flight_holdall_d_olive_001 The Swedish luxury brand Baron have also got the right idea when it comes to simple, sophisticated weekend and overnight bags: olive_canvas_and_leather_weekend_front_960