5 Swaps we're making for Work From Home: Autumn Edition

With temperatures dropping and the inevitability of work from home being a full time gig for the foreseeable future, we have some cosy suggestions for clothing swaps you'll want to make this season. Inspired by royalty, Kate Middleton repurposed her previously worn pink suit into a casual outfit to Battersea Park and, considering she was just around the corner from us, we thought it would only be polite to follow her lead and guide you towards a new work from home wardrobe with a few, easy swaps. 


1. Swap your shoes for slippers. 


Keep comfortable while working. Shop our luxury slippers, starting at £210. 


2. Exchange your light knits for heavier, woollen jumpers.


There's nothing better than a thick jumper to keep you warm when you step outside for fresh air between meetings. Our lambswool jumpers are still on sale or shop our newest cardigan, perfect for indoors and warm enough for outside on a crisp morning, starting at just £40. 


3. Replace regular cufflinks for seasonal ones.


Your day-to-day work cufflinks might enjoy a rest in their box. Keep it festive with these pheasant links or these sterling silver shotguns (with a spring lever opening barrel!). Shop cufflinks, starting at £25. 


4. Drop the jacket, add a dressing gown.


Who said you couldn't work in (part of) your pyjamas? A dressing gown might more comfortable than your usual jacket. Shop dressing gowns, starting at £415.


5. Keep it casual with jeans.


Something to take you from your home office all the way to the club after work. Shop Oliver brown jeans, starting at £79.