A few fine things for Father’s Day

FD_stitch One's Guv'nor would no doubt raise an eyebrow at any mention of Father's Day. He'd shake his newspaper free of creases, re-cross his legs and mutter archly about the country going to the dogs. All fathers, however, are vulnerable to a well chosen present - even the antedeluvian archetypes who see their child-rearing role as limited to teaching their children to swim and ride a bike, as well as being the final court of appeal in disciplinary matters.

So however much one’s Old Man might deride the concept, however much he mutters about Father’s Day being ‘an American gimmick’, however much he insists that a bit of peace and quiet is all he has ever wanted, a well-wrapped something on the breakfast table this Sunday will certainly be appreciated.

A simple but rather luxurious leather wallet from the Swedish brand Baron will surely grease the paternal wheels – particularly if you’re thinking of touching him for a few quid (shame on you):

Baron Large Wallet A traditional, Ecuadorian panama from Christy’s will help convince him to ditch the tattered old thing he wears to Lord’s:

Christys' Traditional Folder Panama Hat Perhaps one might choose to celebrate that innate and mysterious talent father’s acquire for blowing their noses at truly geological volumes by dropping in a resupply of luxurious s ilk twill handkerchiefs:

Silk Twill Handkerchiefs, Paisley One final thing: However one chooses to treat the Dear Papa, we’d advise against actually using the words ‘Father’s Day’, favouring a throw-away line such as ‘I thought this might come in useful’ so as to make a fuss without, as it were, ‘making a fuss’.