A Nation of Shopkeepers

Though some might dispute it, the idea that we are a nation of shopkeepers is generally attributed to Napoleon. One wonders what he meant by it. It seems unlikely that he was attempting a compliment, and if it’s a joke then we must be grateful few other such rib-ticklers survive. No – if we were to hazard a guess then we’d say that the dear little fellow was attempting an insult. If so, then it’s one we’ll gladly accept and, indeed, wear as a badge of pride.

For what would a city, town or village be without a shop? Alongside pubs, cafés and post offices, shops are part of the fabric of life, a place to exchange a greeting and a courtesy as well as ‘money in exchange for goods or services’. That’s not to say that online commerce isn’t a remarkable and frequently convenient thing. But sometimes, for those items you really want rather than those things you simply need, when you want to feel the weight of cloth, the heft of precious metal, or when you could use a little expert advice, then there’s nothing like pitching up in person and doing things the old-fashioned way.

That’s one of the reasons that we’re so pleased to be one of just a handful of renowned British brands like Links of London, Christys’ Hats and Milly Green with a presence at Royal Ascot. Because Ascot’s not just a famous name. It’s not just a social event. It’s an extraordinary experience, a chance to enjoy some of the very finest things in life in incomparable surroundings amidst excellent company.

We’re exceptionally proud that this year, thanks to us and our fellow licensees, it’ll be just that little bit more extraordinary. We very much look forward to seeing you there.