A Study in Velvet

160901-oliverbrown-aw-1-3 There are certain small rituals to which many of us subscribe on arriving home of an evening. These little symbolic acts form a sort of punctuation mark that divides the working day from an evening of dolce far niente: taking off your tie, shrugging off your jacket and, perhaps, casting a sideways glance at the drinks tray. Having sat down to remove your shoes, however, with what does one replace them? Even at home, even alone, scudding about in suit and socks can seem a bit… infra dig. This is the moment, of course, for which the slipper was invented. Forget those corduroy things of your childhood and consider for a moment the more mature, more refined velvet version. Sleek, warm and just a little indulgent, they’re as suited to padding about the house as they are to hosting a dinner party. Available in navy blue, black, burgundy or bottle green Yorkshire-milled velvet, you may well find that your slippers draw covetous glances from visitors – which is why you may want to have them emblazoned with one of our motifs or even a design of your own.