Ask The Tailor

In the latest of our Ask The Tailor series, we pose one of your tailoring-related questions to our in-house tailor, Juan Carlos (or JC, as he's known). The tailoring process at Oliver BrownThe Oliver Brown tailor, JC, measuring for a bespoke suit   Q: I'm a larger gentleman and love to wear bright colours in the summer. But I understand darker colours help to slim you down. How can I make colour work for me? A: JC's first question to you would be 'what's the occasion?'. It's always good to know where and when you'll be wearing your bespoke suit, as some colours just aren't appropriate for certain events - such as Royal Ascot, for example. But if the suit is intended for less formal events then there's no reason to disregard colour, whatever your size or shape! It's true that darker colours are more slimming, but it doesn't mean that colour can't work for you. JC suggests choosing a slightly darker shade of your favourite colour than you'd usually go for. With a library of thousands of cloths, you're sure to find a colour and weight you'll love. Next, always choose a single-breasted, rather than double-breasted jacket. With a made-to-measure or bespoke service, your tailor can also give your jacket a more flattering shape with clever cuts at the waist. There are also subtle changes to your suit that can make a world of difference to the overall look. JC suggests tailoring your jacket a little shorter than usual, and opting for slightly higher waisted trousers. A slim legged trouser can also help keep the silhouette more streamlined.   Looking for your own bespoke tailoring experience? Book an appointment with JC by emailing [email protected] or read more about the tailoring services available here.