Behind the Seams: Made to Order, Made to Measure and Bespoke Explained

Did you know we offer several different tailoring services here at Oliver Brown? From the ultimate bespoke suit to classic styles which can be subtly personalised to your measurements, there are several options that'll guarantee sharp sartorial style. Tailor's tools   Fully Bespoke An appointment with our tailor for a fully bespoke suit is a truly unique experience. It takes over 60 hours of work to construct the suit from start to finish. Our tailor begins by taking over 20 measurements to ensure a flattering 'just right' fit, taking into consideration your unique stature, balance and stance. He'll then steer you through the boundless possibilities of options, from the silhouette, the collar, the pockets, the number of buttons, and of course which of our thousands to cloths to choose. The suit will firstly be assembled with basting stitches, and during the first fitting the tailor will assess the balance and the pitch of the sleeves. Over a further one to two fittings the suit will be refined and perfected. The finished suit is fully canvased with layers of canvas hand-stitched to fit the contours of your body and finished with hand-stitching along the edges, and button-holes will be hand-crafted with silk thread. The tailoring process at Oliver Brown   Made to Measure During the made to measure service a personal pattern is created especially for you, and at the first appointment the Oliver Brown tailor will take over 20 measurements to create a one-off suit tailored with boundless possibilities of both cloth and customisation. As it's made to measure, you can choose your suit's silhouette, collar, cuffs, pockets and cloth. At your first fitting all the major construction of the suit will have been carried out, and the tailor will check the balance, fit and details of the suit, before it can be completed.   The Oliver Brown tailor, JC, measuring for a bespoke suit   Made to Order Love the Oliver Brown suits, but want something a little more personalised? Our made to order tailoring services combines the classic Oliver Brown suit, with the possibility to personalise the fabric to your own unique choice, and specify the lengths of the jacket, sleeves and trousers. As with all Oliver Brown suits, yours will be cut from the classic-fitted block and details like working cuffs and pick-stitching are included as standard. You'll have an initial appointment with our tailor, who'll take your measurements and record your cloth requirements. You'll then be able to collect your suit within six weeks. The final touches on a bespoke suit   Want to know more about our bespoke tailoring services? Simply contact us via email on [email protected] or telephone for full details and make your appointment with our tailor.