OB Guide to caring for: Suits

Suits are almost making a comeback and we cannot wait for their return. This is a great time to check on how they're been doing in your wardrobe and give them a boost of love so they're ready to wear. Please give your bespoke and ready-to-wear suits equal love, they both deserve the best. 

suit care summary

Give your bespoke and ready-to-wear suits equal attention. 


Now more than ever, elongating the lifespan of a garment or a product is so important. With the rise of sustainable fashion, second hand shopping, bespoke as an investment, caring for your clothes should be a priority to make sure you get the most out of them. We asked our @shopoliverbrown audience on instagram which products they struggle with caring for the most. This week we focus on suits. 





You can get far by simply brushing your suit,
which takes our any dust or particles it might have picked up over one or two wears.

Dry clean sparingly and try steam cleaning to replicate the process while extending the time until a dry clean is absolutely necessary. Dry cleans might be required once or twice a year if you wear your suit frequently.

Spot clean with blotting motions, not rubbing.





Wardrobes can get fairly dusty so with the exception of just after a steam-dry or a spot clean, we recommend keeping suits in a cover when storing.






Extend the lifespan of your suits and try wear a different one each day. This reduces the impact of wear and gives you the opportunity to rediscover pieces you might have forgotten!





Keep moth repellent scents in your wardrobe, such as lavender, mint or cedar.