Editor's Edit: Edward Watson's Top Gifts for Shoot Hosts

Shooting Gazette columnist Edward Watson is a world-renowned shooting instructor and seasoned game shot. He also runs Dr Watson Shooting, offering bespoke shooting for private clients. So when it comes to gift etiquette for the Boxing Day shoot, he's certainly the expert. Read on for Edward's top gift picks - and remember we're offering free delivery until Christmas! Handmade shooting socks at Oliver Brownsocks Handmade Shooting Socks “These are the perfect gift for good friends who are kind enough to invite you shooting! I wouldn’t suggest they work for someone you don’t know so well but for friends, they are a great tongue in cheek gift which are also incredibly good quality and wearable.”   Game book at Oliver Brown Game Book “A game book is the safest gift you can give. Everyone should have one but often I find people don’t. This is a beautiful gift that works for any host.” Baron boot bag at Oliver Brown Baron Canvas & Leather Boot Bag “This is a great gift for the special occasion shoot. Most hosts are likely to have a boot bag but this one is seriously smart and a welcomed addition to any boot room – it’s a great gift and a boot bag for life!” 5oz cup set 5oz Cup Set “This is a perfect gift if you are on a smaller budget, in fact any of the Oliver Brown flasks and cups will work well. You can’t go wrong and this sort of thing is always lovely to receive and they look really smart of an affordable price point.”   Edward's top tip for gifting: “Alcohol is a common gift but think outside the box. Give your host something they can keep and they will appreciate it far more”   Edward Watson is a trusted partner of Oliver Brown.