Five Golden Rules For Accessorising

  Men's socks   So many accessories, so many rules. But the right accessories - worn in the correct way - can take your outfit from fine to fantastic in a couple of seconds. Cufflinks Wearing cufflinks is an excellent way to add a little personality to your day-to-day and formal tailored outfits. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the style, colour and design of cufflinks, and as such there are no rules - however the right pair can set off your look to perfection. Just remember to wear them with the 'right' end facing upwards/outwards to show off your flair.   Pocket squares First and foremost, your pocket square should not match your tie exactly. It's a common style faux pas, but you'll find that complementing the colour of your tie - rather than matching it - will look infinitely more stylish.   Socks Wearing an item every day, should (in theory!) make it easy to get right. However, there's plenty of room for error. Our number one rule? Match or complement your socks with your trousers, not your shoes. That doesn't mean there's no place for colourful patterned socks though - in fact, we're big fans! But try to choose socks which pick out a colour from your trousers and you'll be just fine.   Ties Many of us wear a tie to work every day, so it's a central part of the gentleman's look. Our rule for wearing a ties is to ensure the length is just right - not too long, and not too short (which can look a little 'schoolboy'). The end of your tie should end at your belt.   Belts Again - as with most accessorising rules - it's all about finding a great match. Belts should match your shoes as best as possible to create a cohesive overall look. So if you're wearing tan leather brogues, a tan leather belt will be your best bet.