Five things to do in October

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Ah, that’s better. Pale autumnal sunshine and a breeze just chilly enough to demand that we reach down into the drawer and break out a jumper once more. Then, as evening falls – not as early as it will soon – a soft orange glow filters through the windows of a favoured pub or restaurant onto the pavement outside, and our instincts guide us farther from the white wines and the pale pinks of summer towards warming, hearty clarets; from the lighter ales and lagers to the reassuring, velvet touch of porter and stout. These are truly great days, and here is our recommendation regarding how one might spend just a few of them.

1- First, book a table at Sabor as soon as it opens. This new Mayfair home of ex-Barrfina chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho and ex-GM of that same establishment, José Etura is sure to please anyone in pursuit of the rare, delicate simplicity of regional Spanish food:

2 - With that booking safely in the diary, it is time to decide whether to take in the whole of Frieze London and Frieze Masters (and pay for it) or whether to take instead a stroll around the (free) Frieze Sculpture Park in Regent's Park:

3 - Whilst one's appetite for culture lasts, perhaps it is worth investigating the London Film Festival at the BFI:

4 – Then one can with clear cultural conscience reward oneself (should one feel you need to be rewarded for doing precisely what one likes) by exploring the scents and flavours on offer at the London Restaurant Festival ( and drawing up ones plan of attack for London Cocktail Week (

5 – Why not wind down from all this excitement with a long Sunday lunch at the newly reopened Truscott Arms? This, surely, is precisely the kind of venue for which West London has been crying out: