Flushing Grouse--The Shooting Season Begins!

To mark the beginning of the 2019/20 shooting season, we are delighted to have a beautiful work of art from sculptor Hamish Mackie on loan in our shop on Lower Sloane Street.


Grouse are a subject to which Hamish often returns. Arguably, the 'king of game birds', the red grouse is native to Britain and inhabits upland heather moorland. England and Scotland combined have around 550,000 acres of grouse moors. Estates across the country are hoping that the Glorious 12th this year will herald a 'year of recovery' for the sport of grouse shooting after disastrous weather in 2018 left moors badly short of birds.


These birds often display remarkable feats of flight, being able to reach speeds of up to 80mph and change directions suddenly. This dynamic sculpture in bronze (one of an edition of 12 and available for purchase through www.hamishmackie.com) shows three grouse flushing. Hamish enjoys sculpting birds, interpreting the feathers into clay and embracing the challenge of creating a pleasing composition that shows the grouse in flight without appearing to be supported.


Do make sure to stop by Lower Sloane Street while we have this gorgeous work on display. You might also be interested to see examples of our new shooting and tweed collections, which also adorn our latest window display. Rich autumnal colours and tactile textures form the basis of the collection with, as always, an array of clothing suitable for town and country alike.