Focus on: Dinner Suits

It has been said that it is impossible to watch a kangaroo without smiling. Whilst it may not be true from an Australian’s point of view – particularly the point of view of an Australian looking at said marsupial through a high-powered scope – it’s a good and fair generalisation. Something similar goes for palm trees and pineapples: they’re plainly and incontrovertibly positive.

Which brings us neatly to the subject at hand. A fine city or suit is an invariably excellent thing, but the circumstances under which one dons one are not always so. Black tie, one the other hand - that’s Good Times, every time. Simple, sophisticated and highly civilised, a dinner suit is synonymous with fine company, equally fine wine and long, excellent evenings. It would be a great and unnecessary shame not to have an equally excellent outfit.

Drop by Oliver Brown for a dinner suit and you are presented with a straightforward series of simple options. White jacket, black or striking midnight blue? Single-breasted or double? Waistcoat or no waistcoat? Peak lapel, notch lapel or shawl collar? The rest you can leave to us.

Your suit will be tailored to the traditional Oliver Brown ‘classic-fitted’ cut using 100% wool worsted barathea milled in Huddersfield, the lapel facings will be pure silk grosgrain, and the sleeves will be finished with four-button working cuffs.

Then again, you may be unable to resist our superbly soft, Yorkshire milled velvet jackets and suits, available in navy, green, burgundy and black. These, along with our smoking jackets and white tie suits are all available in our Sloane Street shop and online, in our Eveningwear Collection: