Focus on: Oliver Brown jeans

‘When I grow up I want to be a rock & roll star.’

‘You can’t do both.’

More than a kernel of truth in that one, sadly. Even the Stones have for some time now been stumbling along the slippery curb that separates rock and roll stars from aging rockers, and if Keith Richards can’t rock a pair of Wranglers then what chance do the rest of us have?

Whether it’s rock stars or movie stars, cowboys or convicts wearing them, jeans have for decades been associated with the rebel – with or without a cause: boys who never grew up, should have grown up, or simply grew old in jail.

No longer, however. Though ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ has long been shorthand for ‘you can’t get any more laid back without being horizontal’, pick the right jeans (and perhaps the right t-shirt), and it’s possible to take these trousers pretty much anywhere, from Shawshank to the shores or the Riviera.

Take, for example, our linen jeans. Made from Irish linen and cut with a classic, straight leg and available in three far-from-rebellious shades, they’re perfect for the summer months in almost any scenario you might imagine, either at home or abroad.

Linen Jeans, Pale Blue

Then again, for something equally versatile and only a little heavier, our lightweight canvas jeans are made in Yorkshire and sand washed to ensure they’re superbly soft from day one.

Lightweight Cotton jeans, Blue

Our hard-wearing, fourteen-wale rib needlecord jeans are made in England and have that same classic cut and soft finish. One could, if one were so inclined, herd Colorado steers in them, but they’re equally suitable for life’s more refined but altogether less respectable pursuits like croquet.

Needlecord Jeans, Olive

Then there are time-honoured Oliver Brown favourites, the five-pocket, Yorkshire-milled moleskin variety. As tough as any you’ll own and, of course, supremely soft and comfortable, they feature tone-on-tone stitching and an antique brass button.

Moleskin Jeans, Country Tan

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