Focus on: The Oliver Brown Three-Button Suit

At the outset, one might be forgiven for thinking that there is very little interesting about the number of buttons on the front of a jacket, but as Jeeves implored his master when he asked ‘do trousers really matter?’, I too advise my reader that ‘the mood will soon pass, sir’.

For who knew that a single, extra piece of finely crafted horn on the front of a garment could be the signifier of cultural and social history? The amount of cloth utilised in making garments of any particular era is often indicative of the economic well-being of the time. Compare, for instance, the skinny ties of the 60s and 70s against the much wider ties of the 80s and 90s. The previous two decades were fraught with economic turmoil, the latter economic boom. These undulations of the capitalistic world occasionally reach as far as the bespoke tailors of London as well. And when one ponders that quality of utility, one tends to think of rough edges and rugged design, as if utility came at the expense of beauty rather than hand in hand with it. What, though, could be more useful and more beautiful than a superbly cut suit? Besides being a legal requirement for leaving the house, clothing fulfils a variety of roles just as important as keeping the weather out. A fine suit imbues a sense of confidence, a feeling that one is prepared for any social situation. It can also speak on behalf of the wearer to those around him, articulating his values and priorities as well as his sense of style. It’s why at Oliver Brown we’re so proud of our three-button suit. That third button doesn’t just make it ideal for the taller amongst us, it’s a touch that is very slightly out of the ordinary without being outright unusual. Like those other subtle stylistic flourishes that speak of high quality – the working cuffs, the pick stitching on the lapel – it’s a quiet and quietly deliberate statement that the wearer knows his taste and that his taste is not merely good – it’s very much his own. Tough enough to endure the rigours of everyday city life, it’s tailored from our traditional single-breasted block for a classic shape, carefully constructed with a canvassed chest piece, and cut from 100% navy wool worsted from one of Yorkshire’s most eminent mills. The contrast burgundy lining, like the suit itself, is outstanding without standing out. Pop into our Sloane Street shop or click here to find out more.