Focus on: Cufflinks

“Style is deciding who you are and being able to perpetuate it.” Quentin Crisp 160318-oliverbrown-0082 Gentlemen require very little in the way of day-to-day accessories. A watch or two, a wallet, a race of collar stiffeners and, of course, cufflinks. With so few essential accessories, it makes sense to indulge a little in flawless craftsmanship and the pleasing heft of fine, rare materials. It also makes sense to have a few pairs of cufflinks to choose from, since our day-to-day choice may be suited to a particular occasion or simply dictated by mood or whim. For example, we may awake and decide to inject a dash of colour into an otherwise grey day at the office. That’s when the vibrant black and yellow enamel and sapphire eyes of a bumblebee may catch our eye. bee Similarly, the intricate kingfisher glimmer of our fly-fishing cufflinks help to offset the cold professionalism of the office with welcome memories of the riverbank. fly A candlelit evening presents a rather different opportunity. To balance the sleek blacks, deep midnight blues and pristine whites of black tie occasions, we’d suggest the addition of a small and perfectly judged touch of intense colour, such as the one emanating from the ruby at the heart of these white vitreous enamel and Sterling silver links. ruby Occasionally, however, we want to embrace that ultimate sophistication: pure simplicity. That’s when our quietly dignified Sterling silver oval cufflinks are the pair we reach for. After all, often the most memorable statements are mere whispers. silver Browse our full collection of contemporary and classic cufflinks here