Focus on: LGR sunglasses

L.G.R-TANGERI-HAVANA CHIARO-GREEN G15 Not an easy thing, choosing a pair of sunglasses. Quite apart from the task of finding a pair that suits, there’s the bigger question of whether sunglasses are, well, quite the thing. They can seem a little… deliberate. A touch, how should one put it, suspect.

It’s all very well looking like Thomas Crown if one is Thomas Crown, and few will deny that Audrey Hepburn did an absolutely magnificent job of looking like Audrey Hepburn, and so looking like Audrey-Hepburn-wearing-sunglasses came easily to her. But if one finds oneself in a sunny situation and also finds oneself to be someone other than one of the above, donning a pair of sunglasses can make one self-conscious. The question, ‘Do these effectively shield my eyes from the glare of the sun?’ is irrevocably tied up with, ‘Do they make me look like I’ve spent ages and a fortune trying to get a pair of sunnies that makes me look superb but instead make me look like I work for a questionable private security firm?’

One way around the problem of not being Thomas Crown or Miss Hepburn is to be Italian instead. Italians seem to have an instinct for it. They make it look so effortless.

Luca Ruscone is not only Italian and therefore qualified to wear sunglasses – he also makes them. His eponymous company, LGR, treads very carefully that line between fashion and function, and the range (available at a handful of London stockists and also is broad enough to suit almost any taste.

The idea for the company came to him as he was wandering around his grandfather’s old warehouse in Eritrea. He uncovered, as one tends to do when one wanders around Eritrean warehouses, a vast stock of vintage Italian frames. With the designs in hand, he then went in search of the best lens manufacturers, whose tempered mineral glass lenses claim the highest level of optical clarity in the world, and a new form of highly durable but also flexible cellulose acetate for the frames.

The results, we feel, speak for themselves. So if one can’t – for whatever reason – actually be Thomas Crown, one can now, at least and at long last, buy his shades.

LGR Sunglasses: There are a few ways of keeping effortlessly cool in the sunshine, and perhaps the easiest such way is to be born Italian. Luca Ruscone, as perhaps the name suggests, managed to do just that. And wandering one day around his grandfather's warehouse in Eritrea (as one does) he uncovered a vast stock of vintage Italian sunglasses frames (of course). So he decided to revive these classics, using the finest materials and the best lenses available.