Focus on: Oliver Brown’s lightweight jeans


Within the confines of this Sceptred Isle, leaving the house without a coat or umbrella can seem positively rash - even when blue skies stretch with uninterrupted glory all the way to the horizon. One might as well tempt the gods by playing golf in a thunderstorm or placing bets on the English cricket team. (This in-built skepticism seems for some reason to recede when one finds oneself anywhere east of Calais, we’ve noticed.) Nevertheless we believe that, when the weekend comes around, a pair of lightweight trousers is an essential item.

This is why we have taken a design classic – the humble pair of jeans – and created lightweight and linen varieties that are perfect for the summer months. Whether one is strolling the city streets on a Saturday morning or pottering about the countryside, these jeans have been specifically designed to keep one feeling cool without compromising on style.

With a straight leg, brass button, tone-on-tone stitching and five pockets, our Yorkshire-milled cotton and Irish linen jeans are just the ticket whenever one dares to imagine those endless afternoons with the sun on one’s back, a glass of something chilly within arm’s length, and a few hours with which to do as little as possible.

Available in a variety of shades and sand-washed for incomparable softness, they can be ordered with a just few clicks via our website.