Focus on: Tennis shoes

 American tennis player Arthur Ashe wins the Men's Singles at Wimbledon, London, 5th July 1975. (Photo by Central Press / Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

One doesn't want to show off, of course, and anyway a chap looks an ass when he wallops ball after ball into the net or over the wire whilst wearing highly technical, Wimbledon-worthy shoes. Far better to don something understated, something classic but contemporary: Step up and step into SeaVees Westwoods, Dunlop Green Flash or the peerless Hi-Tech Squash.

SeaVees Westwood

In May 1965, ten years before winning Wimbledon, Arthur Ashe led the UCLA men's tennis team to victory in the National Championship on its home court in Westwood, California. In his honour, the Californian brand SeaVees has come up with the simple but really rather smart range of Westwood tennis shoes. Find them at

Dunlop Green Flash

Given the unimaginably lightweight, air-cushioned comfort of a modern shoe, it would be easy to dismiss this ever-fashionable British classic. Fred Perry, however, was wearing them when he won Wimbledon three times in a row between 1935 and 1937, and we’re of the opinion that what was good enough for Mr Perry is good enough for the rest of us. They are – as they should be – available in almost every appropriate, upstanding British sporting shoe shop you care to mention.

Hi-Tech Squash

They may not have the pedigree of the other shoes, they may have changed ever so slightly over the years, and they may have been intended for the squash court rather than the tennis one, but the Hi-Tech Squash is as popular, comfortable and as understated as ever. As with the Dunlops, one can pick up a pair almost anywhere – for next to nothing.