Focus on: The Oliver Brown deck shoe

Deck shoes

A man’s life, according to the Bard, can be divided up into seven stages. If one can handle the pentameter (and if one knows what a Pantalone is) then this is probably a jolly illuminating observation. No doubt there is, lurking between the lines of verse, a sophisticated, highly perspicacious commentary that holds a candle up to the obscure, wildly complex but gloriously rich tapestry of life.

A woolly jumper, on the other hand, has an altogether simpler life: good; gardening; dog bed.

But a fine pair of deck shoes – well, that has a more nuanced existence than either. Sartorially chameleon-like in their ability to suit so many occasions, what could be more appropriate with a pair of shorts and a polo shirt than a pair of deck shoes? Then again, they serve equally well a leg’s length away from a blazer, just below a pair of cotton drill trousers.

At sea, on the coast or in-land, the lightweight, flexible soles and waxy leather uppers are effortlessly stylish, instantly comfortable and only improve with age.

And age they will, because Oliver Brown’s are made by Loake, the famed Northamptonshire manufacturers that bears the Royal Warrant of appointment to the Queen.

So whatever one’s stage of life, wherever one’s travels take one, one’s trusty deck shoes will certainly fit the bill.