Gearing up for Glory

160901-oliverbrown-aw-1 You’ve met this man.

The man who heads off for the weekend unencumbered by wellies or raincoat, to the river without flies and to the moors without midge repellent. The man who runs out of shells at lunchtime on the second day and hasn’t thought to put more than a handful in the boot of his car. ‘The Lord,’ he thinks (if he thinks at all), ‘will provide.’

The Lord won’t of course, but you – politely and ever-so-slightly-grudgingly – will. You who have packed so carefully. You who have raised your hands from the steering-wheel in horror more than once as you whistle up the A9 because just for a second you think that perhaps you’ve left your gun behind. You who has two pairs of wellies in the back, half a litre of Jungle Formula and enough cartridges to account for every grouse north of the Tweed.

You who, a good few weeks in beforehand, laid out your kit and worked out what you needed from Oliver Brown for the journey North.

Our range of shooting clothes and accessories will almost certainly spare you a trip into Mayfair. Whatever it is that you (and that infuriating fellow mentioned above) will need, from ear defenders and cleaning equipment to cartridges* and cartridge bags, Oliver Brown can help. For example:

Shooting socks shooting-socks-royal-paleblue-1 Made in England from the highest quality British spun yarns, our hand-made shooting socks are the ultimate in comfort, quality and warmth. A dash of nylon ensures a hard-wearing construction, while the high wool content makes for unrivalled comfort. (Not to be loaned to Father Christmas, these ones; they’re far too good for that.)

Country silk ties silk-ties_1 These luxury woven silk ties are made from the finest quality woven silk and hand-made in Wales. What’s more, they’re currently down to £15 from £35, and our cashmere ones are down to £75 from £95.

12-Gauge, Double Leather Cartridge Belt double_leather_cart Made in England, this belt features double hand-stitched bridle leather open loops for the ultimate in fast loading. It’s beautifully crafted from the finest leather and finished with a solid brass buckle.

*TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE: In store collection only. Only the buyer may collect the cartridges purchased and this will only be on presentation of his/her current valid UK Shotgun Certificate or Visitors Shotgun Permit. Should you wish to nominate an alternate person or a non-certificate holder to collect your cartridges, they may do so if they are in possession of your valid UK Shotgun Certificate and a letter of authority from you to them specifying the date and that the cartridges are to be collected from Oliver Brown Ltd.

Please note: European Firearms Permits are not recognised by UK authorities for the purposes of acquiring or possessing Section 2 shotguns or shotgun cartridges.