Going Equipped: The Triumph of the Trilby.

Christys' Trilby Hat - Brown The trilby has seen its popularity peak again and again over the years. It has been both synonymous with the glamour of 1920s and ‘30s America and also the solid respectability of the post-war years on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet amongst certain circles such as the racing fraternity, where style and convention are less susceptible to the tides of mere fashion, the trilby’s popularity has remained reassuringly constant. Very much like a tweed suit, it balances functionality with craftsmanship and aesthetics: more formal that the tweed cap and streets ahead of a topper when it comes to keeping the rain off one’s head and the sun out of one’s eyes, the understated elegance of the trilby will endure as long as there are horses to race and people to watch them. Oliver Brown’s trilbies are traditionally crafted from pure wool felt, hand-blocked in Oxfordshire and feature a durable leather sweatband. Properly cared for, they’ll last years – if not decades: • A soft brush will make short work of small, everyday marks and scuffs. • High-quality felt like this will see off a rain shower, but it’s important to allow it to dry off naturally before storing it. • In order to keep the brim in perfect shape, avoid leaving a trilby upright on a flat surface so far as possible. If you do need to put it down whilst out and about, it will come to no harm resting upside down on a clean surface.