A good dram deserves the best glass

Photo: Glenkinchie Single Malt Whisky Production (Mike Wilkinson / Bloomberg via Getty Images) It doesn't do, of course, to make too much of a hoo-ha about whisky. Perhaps it's because one suspects that any self-respecting Scot – which is all of them - would insist, whatever their private views on the matter, that it's the company that matters most. However, whether one is having a quiet weeknight nip of something blended or tilting at some special, singular single malt of a Saturday evening, one may as well be drinking out of a good glass. There are quaichs for your staunch and sharing traditionalist - though these tend toward wood or silver - and there are the tulips favoured by the Master Blenders of this world, men and women who like to get their snozz right in there when they’re nosing their spirits. Then there are tumblers. Solid, dependable and (mostly) unpretentious, they rest easily on the arm of a favourite armchair and sit with reassuring heft in the hand when one is – and one is liable to do – gently gesticulating whilst sharing a particularly wise, whisky-inspired insight. The old ways are often the best, of course, and there’s a certain apt, Edwardian fastidiousness to those finely cut lead crystal glasses that are so finely textured that they remind one of nothing so much as the non-slip grip of a pistol butt. Boom: https://www.havens.co.uk/cumbria-crystal-grasmere-double-old-fashioned-tumbler-22501p.html Then again, Scotch is an ever-evolving spirit, as contemporary in taste today as it has ever been. Something heavy, simple and unfussy that’s nonetheless a little unusual could easily become one’s go-to glass: https://www.johnlewis.com/lsa-international-straight-whisky-tumbler-with-coaster-set-of-2/p1961668 In the same way and to precisely the same extent that there is no right or wrong way to drink the Water of Life (with water, with ice, with ginger ale if you will), one mustn’t imagine that a traditional, heavyweight tumbler is the only way to go. The Americans may not know how to spell or make whisky, but they do know how to drink it: https://huckberry.com/store/huckberry/category/p/51451-mt-everest-set-of-2 Whichever one chooses, whatever the weather or whisky, forget ye not the renowned toast for the finest company you can muster: ‘Here's tae us. Wha's like us? Damn few - and they're a' deid!’