All Hail the Humble Hankie

Much ink and a great deal of readers’ time has been wasted in recent years as faux-modest, man-with-a-pram journalists endeavour to define precisely what contemporary attitudes towards (and expectations of) fathers and fatherhood ought to be.

One’s Guv’nor is, it seems, no longer simply in charge of his off-spring's discipline and finances. His duties go beyond teaching the rotten apples of his eye how to sail, ride a bike, swim and shoot. He must, he is told, be ‘emotionally available’.

Well, we wish him luck with that.

We know, however, what any fule kno: that the only really indispensible role of the paterfamilias - the only truly distinguishing feature, indeed - is blowing his nose as loudly (to paraphrase PG Wodehouse) as a giant mastodon calling across the primordial swamp.

Rest assured that Oliver Brown's handkerchiefs are up to the task assigned, though the Old Man’s trumpeting might bring down the walls of Jerusalem. They’re also exceptionally smart, they make superb stocking fillers, and they’re just the thing for wiping away tears if the whole emotional availability thing works out.

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