Hearts of quartz: 3 watches to take into the wild

Embed from Getty Images The crisp, clean face of a Mondaine Helvetica No. 1 (Photo: Michele Limina / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

With the grouse season in full flow, the salmon running upriver, the stags presenting their silhouettes on the hilltop and pheasants in the offing, one becomes uncomfortably aware that one’s watch can take a beating out in the wilds.

One needs, therefore, something rugged yet dependable when one lays aside the trusty but delicate mechanical and heads out into the elements. Accurate, resilient but also smart enough to wear anywhere, we’ve uncovered three quartz watches that would appear to fit the bill rather nicely.

Mondaine hails their Helvetica No.1 Regular for its ‘simplicity and unshowy, natural elegance’. We couldn’t agree more: https://www.mondaine.com/watches/mondaine-helvetica/helvetica-no1-regular/mh1-r2210-sm.html

If, however, one is looking for something a little less straightforward but still highly refined, the superbly sleek (not to mention solar powered) Citizen Eco-Drive One is, at less than 3mm thick, one of the slimmest watches ever made: http://www.citizenwatch-global.com/one/index.html Seiko, too, have been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Their spring-drive watches may have conventional good looks, but the mechanism within has been under development since 1977. It has finally come of age, and is the only one in existence that measures the flow of time continuously.

No ticks or tocks, no five-stops-a-second sweeping hands. Just a single, smooth-as-butter progression from one moment to the next: http://www.seiko.co.uk/discover-seiko/technology/spring-drive