How to Pick a Winning Top Hat

Oliver Brown Top Hats   Here at Oliver Brown we specialise in beautifully-made morningwear and the highest quality antique silk top hats. Peak demand for hats and morning suits comes at this time of year, Royal Ascot, and it’s one of our favourite events of the summer season. In fact, you'll find us there at the event itself with our own dedicated top hat area. As a result, we’re often asked for advice on picking the right top hat, so read on for our (non-horse related!) tips.  

Modern or antique?

Although pricier than their modern counterparts, antique silk top hats are conidered the height of beauty and elegance, thanks to their impressive shine, shape and lightness. Modern versions can be slightly bulkier but you’ll find they’re still handsome and wear well. 

Which colour?

Although black top hats are considered slightly more formal, the Royal Ascot dress code specifies black or grey without any adornments. So it’s up to you! Choose a hat which complements your suit. 

Which shape?

The taller the better! Taller hats look elegant and make for a great investment. Although it’s a personal choice, so it’s worth trying a few before making your decision. 

Finally, after you’ve invested in a top hat, look after it! With proper care and specialist cleaning, it’ll last a lifetime if fully wrapped in silk and stored in a box away from moths and damp. We can even restore your top hat for you – just visit us in store. 

Discover our full range of top hats for sale or hire online, or for more tips and advice, read our ‘choosing a top hat’ guide and tips for caring for it once it’s yours.