In Detail: The Oliver Brown Garforth Cap

The Garforth flat cap - as the name suggests - originates from its namesake town in West Yorkshire. The deep back and crown, the stitched peak and the traditional tweed are all hallmarks of this classic countryside hat. Men's Garforth tweed flat cap by Oliver Brown The tweed flat cap is an iconic countryside style that's long been worn by working men - and more recently as a fashion accessory - but it's probably a little government plan to promote the British wool trade that cemented it as a classic. In 1571, the government decreed that all men (except the upper classes) aged 6 or over should wear a wool cap on Sundays, thus creating a demand that only the home-grown wool trade could supply (side note: imagine the government attempting to dictate our fashion choices today. Disaster). The rule only stood for twenty or so years, but habits stick. Today, it's less of a working man's cap and more of a country gent's essential. But its appeal remains. Our tweed flat cap is made specifically for Oliver Brown at our woollen mill in the Scottish Borders. The tweed has a water-resistant finish - which is handy for battling the great British weather - and has a deep back and crown for a good, comfortable fit. Plus, as you'd expect, it's fully lined and made to the highest of standards. Men's Garforth tweed flat cap by Oliver Brown Try out our Garforth flat cap for yourself, available in a range of tweeds.