In Detail: The Oliver Brown Norfolk Jacket

Gentlemen of the rural persuasion have been sporting the Norfolk jacket for shooting since around the 1860s. They became popular in the 1930s and '40s, worn with matching trousers, however it's the Norfolk jacket as a true sports jacket that stands the test of time. Hailing from Norfolk (where else!?), it's a traditional style you won't find worn outside the countryside, but it certainly does cut a fine, almost vintage, silhouette. Oliver Brown Tweed Norfolk Jacket Cut from the classic single-breasted block, our Norfolk jackets are made from 100% British wool tweed, woven for us at our woollen mill on the Scottish borders. They're fully lined, or course, and feature the hallmark of fine British tailoring: working cuffs. They're not just for show, either - the Norfolk jacket is a time-honoured practical design that's perfect for sportsmen. The large bellow pockets each hold 25 cartridges (with flaps to keep them from falling out), and the belt ensures you have a snug fit that keeps out the cold. Oliver Brown tweed Norfolk jacket - back The real difference with the Norfolk jacket is the 'action back'. Along with the centre pleat, the vents on the back allow for a real freedom of movement while out in the field, so you can't blame your jacket for a wayward shot... Take a look at our tweed Norfolk jacket for yourself.