Kristian's Knowledge: Cashmere Uncovered

There's something oh-so satisfying about winter. We're talking about winter with frosty mornings and crisp blue skies - not grizzly grey days, of course. It's wrapping up in layers and wearing the finest cashmere sweaters. Nearly three times as insulating as wool, it's fair to say that nothing feels as good as the warmth of cashmere, but did you know that not all cashmeres are equal? Cashmere sweaters   It's all in the length and fineness of the fibres. Cashmere garments made with longer, finer fibres will look luxurious and stay bobble-free for longer. While shorter fibres will be prone to pilling, giving you that bobbled effect much sooner than you'd like. With this in mind, we wanted only the best for our cashmere collection. Our cashmere sweaters, scarves and gloves are crafted specifically for Oliver Brown in Hawick on the Scottish borders - the traditional mill town famous for its luxurious knits. Cashmere fibres are spun with the soft water of the River Teviot to made this exceptional grade of knitwear that's incredibly soft, strong and - most importantly - warm. We couldn't get through the winter months without it, but as they say - the proof's in the pudding! Discover our cashmere knitwear and cashmere scarves today and see for yourself.