Kristian’s Knowledge: How to Polish Your Shoes

It's been said that shoes maketh the man. However, no matter how expensive your handmade Italian leather shoes, they'll look scruffy if not treated with respect. After all, leather needs upkeep to remain at its best. Kristian Robson, proprietor of Oliver Brown, shows us his tips to achieving perfectly polished shoes.   Get kitted out Firstly, invest in a shoe shine kit with all the necessary components. You'll need a sturdy horsehair brush, a soft cloth and a tin of polish. Shoe polishing kit   Brush away dirt To begin, start brushing your shoes with to remove any dirt, mud or salt that's clinging to the leather. It's best to keep your shoes on while polishing your shoes, or using a wooden shoe last to keep the shape. Brushing shoes while polishing   Get polishing Next, rub the soft cloth into the polish making sure not to use too much. It's much easier to add a little more if it's not enough, than to remove too much. Make sure the polish matches the colour of your shoes, or they'll end up looking grubby. Leather shoes lose their colour and lustre over time, so it's best to find a perfect colour match to restore them to their former glory.   Apply the polish all over your shoes in small circles, gently buffing as you go.   Blog 3   Brush once again Once the polish has been worked into the leather, grab the brush again and firmly brush the shoes to remove excess polish and create friction (and therefore heat) which adds to the shine.   Buff for extra shine And if you're like us, you'll want a little extra shine to your shoes. With a clean section of your soft cloth, give your shoes a final buff! This is the finishing touch that really makes a difference.   Blog 2   Kristian has a great method for adding shine (see above). He wraps the cloth underneath his shoe and over the top before pulling from side to side. This gives you leverage to quickly buff and add some shine. Just remember to lift your toes!   Blog 1   So there you have it, perfectly polished shoes which complement your overall look. Any shoe-shining tips you'd like to share? Let us know!