Meet the Maker: Lovat Mill

Established in late 19th-Century, Lovat Mill is a an esteemed supplier to Oliver Brown and some of the world's biggest fashion brands. We spoke to Stephen Rendle, head of design, to find out more about renowned tweed manufacturer's heritage.

Can you tell us a little about the history of Lovat Mill?

The mill was founded in 1882.

What sets your manufacturing process apart?

What’s your favourite aspect of the design and manufacturing process?

Is there a surprising or interesting fact you can tell us about the mill?

Which is your favourite tweed for spring?

24-hour-a-day operation with just 23 staff   Mix of traditional techniques but Lovat has invested in some of the most high-tech, computerised weaving equipment on the market   Lovat has moved it on by developing much lighter weights, different effects and textures (working in conjunction with Comme des Garçons, for example) not to mention tweeds blended with Lycra and Kevlar or with Teflon coatings or breathable membranes.