Morningwear Rules

Oliver Brown morningwear   Here at Oliver Brown we're proud to specialise in the best of British morningwear. This time of year is particularly busy for us with Royal Ascot just around the corner and wedding season in full swing, so we thought we'd share our tips for perfecting your formal look. There are particular 'rules' for getting it right, so read on to ensure you look the part this summer.   1) Start with the morning coat This is the most important component of morning dress, so choose wisely. We have a variety of morning coats, from plain black to our herringbone style complete with four-button working cuffs as standard. Made from 100% British wool worsted, our coats are fully lined and expertly tailored for a flattering and comfortable fit, but most importantly they cut a fine silhouette. You can pair morning coat with a pair or our specially designed morning trousers. Choose from striped or houndstooth designs.   2) Consider grey Grey morning suits are a wonderful alternative to traditional black. They're also just as acceptable for even the strictest of dress codes at formal events, such as the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot. Our grey morning suits are available in a regular or lightweight cloth, and should always be worn with matching grey trousers. You can opt for the matching grey waistcoat too.   3) Pick a waistcoat In wool worsted or lightweight linen, your choice of waistcoat is entirely up to you - within reason. Choose a subtle pastel colour for a touch of summer flair, or black or neutral tones for a more formal look. Wear double-breasted waistcoats fully buttoned, but if you opt for a single-breasted waistcoat, ensure you leave the bottom button unbuttoned. It's just the way it is... Next, choose your tie and cufflinks. Ties should complement your suit or match your waistcoat, while your cufflinks are the perfect opportunity for adding a touch of personal style.   4) Polish your shoes We can't overstate the importance of a smart pair of black shoes with morningwear. A scruffy, unloved pair will ruin the overall look, no matter how smart your suit. We highly recommend a pair of smart black lace-up shoes, such as this classic Oxford pair with minimal detailing.   5) Finish with a top hat If you're attending the races - especially Royal Ascot - you'll require a formal top hat in black or grey. We have a wonderful range of antique top hats which really do make quite the impression. Read our full guide to choosing a top hat for some expert advice on the subject.   Ready to shop? Discover our full morningwear collection or pay us a visit at our Chelsea store.