OB Icon: Sir Michael Caine

With six Oscar nominations (resulting in two wins) and an acting career spanning over 50 years and counting, Sir Michael Caine has an impressive acting CV. Since the swinging Sixties he's been personifying that timeless brand of British cool; who can forget his iconic performances in 1966's Alfie and 1969's The Italian Job?   But for us, it's not just the contribution to British cinema, the unmistakable cockney accent and the famous one-liners that elevate him to icon status - it's his sartorial style. When Sir Michael Caine broke onto the scene in the Sixties, it was a key moment for men's style that still resonates today. The suits became ever-so-slightly more slick, with slimmer (but not skinny) cuts, sharper silhouettes and skinnier ties. Single or double-breasted suits were available in a limited but classic colour palette, which put emphasis on the quality of the fabric and the cut of the suit. And as the foundation to the look, it had to be a crisp white shirt. It's this simplicity and attention to detail that makes the look so iconic - and, of course, Sir Michael's signature accessory: the thick-rimmed black glasses.