OB Icon: Terence Stamp

  Born in London's East End in the late Thirties, Terence Stamp - star of Billy Budd and Far From the Madding Crowd to name a couple - was one of a few working class actors who made their mark on Britain's film scene in Sixties. Part of the crowd of Londoners famous for 'The Swinging Sixties' brand of British cool, Stamp shared a flat with fellow actor and style icon Sir Michael Caine before they both enjoyed huge success, and famously dated Jean Shrimpton. Today, Terence Stamp is an internationally renowned actor with enduring style. Tailoring is his forte, and he regularly pulls off the three-piece suit with enviable aplomb and a certain level of confidence that comes from having honed your style to perfection over the years. Stamp reportedly chooses his outfits from the floor up, preferring to base his outfits around his shoes. As any well-dressed gent knows, a good foundations make the look. We've also noted his approach to accessorising. Stamp often chooses an artfully tied scarf - knitted or silk - over a traditional necktie, freeing the look and adding a touch of individuality. Here at Oliver Brown we're big fans of expressing your personal style through well-chosen accessories, and for that, Terence gets our stamp of style approval.