On the Cutting Table

A great deal of our time over the past few months has been dedicated to morning dress. Customers in their hundreds (if not thousands) have descended upon our little sartorial outpost in Chelsea to dress themselves for Royal Ascot. Evident from the fact that the first of these focus on Bespoke posts in March was about morning dress, our bespoke clients too have been commissioning many morning wear pieces.

With Ascot now here, our finishers are busy with the fine details of their work: sewing button-holes, hand-stitching lapels, and ensuring every part of the garment is crafted perfectly.One of the more interesting items to come across the cutting table in preparation for Ascot is the waistcoat pictured above.

The official Ascot dress code states that, in addition to morning dress, overseas visitors may wear traditional national dress, and those serving in the military may wear dress uniforms.

A tartan waistcoat is a superb blending of Scottish national dress and morning dress, bringing a Caledonian flair to traditional, formal day wear. This one is traditionally cut with a wide wrap and sweeping peak lapels.

What better way to showcase one’s individual taste than to commission a waistcoat that will stand out in a sea of buffs, greys, blues, and yellows? And what better way to showcase Oliver Brown’s bespoke style than to create a piece that is at once bold, traditional and elegant?