Shooting with Style: Oliver Brown Tweeds

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Pity the poor fellow for whom autumn promises nothing but the onset of winter. There he goes, puffing like a tiny locomotive, peddling his little heart out on his Brompton: his hi-visibility wheskit flaps about in his wake; his spectacles are misting up. He is, we can tell, profoundly worried about the report he owes Mr Trumpington. His mind is full of forecasts and figures, and his heart, like his mood, rests immovably on the Bottom Line. Your sporting gentleman, on the other hand, has turned up at the office twenty minutes late, quite unruffled after a leisurely breakfast and pleasant stroll through the Park, his brain weighed down with nothing heavier than pheasant feathers. He, too, owes a report or three, but while he allows his subconscious to deal with those, he leans back in his chair, tapping his teeth with a pencil, and turns his attention to more important matters: his shooting gear. Wise fellow that he is, he has made sure over the summer that his breeks are in tip-top condition. He has checked his guns and put in his order for shells. All he need do now is decide which coat will suit the forecast, and then wait for the weekend to roll round. A Shooting Gilet with Nehru Collar, cut from tweed woven specifically for Oliver Brown in Hawick in the Scottish borders, should see him through the milder month ahead, he concludes. mens-nero-shooting-waistcoat-tweed1-1 Come November, however, it may well be time to break out the waterproof, warm and highly durable Ventile® Cotton Shooting Coat. ventile_1 If, on the other hand, he awakes to sunny weekend weather with just a touch of a chill, then the Loden field coat will certainly suffice, the traditional, warm and hard-wearing cloth woven in Austria at the Leichtfried woollen mill, a family-run affair founded in 1884, that specialises in the highest-quality fabrics made from the finest Australian merino wool. green_flannel_field_coat_1_1_ Our sportsman is, of course, a thorough fellow when it comes to such things, and as such he makes a mental note to browse the full range of field essentials at Then, pleased with his morning’s productivity, he slides over to the printer to cadge the latest draft so thoughtfully provided by that earnest chap who, it is rumoured, cycles to work in the morning…