Style Files: Jerome Ingle-Smith

Jerome Ingle-Smith is the Assistant Manager of our Lower Sloane Street store and is here, in the first installation of our Style Files for 2019, to tell you about his fashion memories, preferences, and interests:

What's your first fashion memory?

I remember a fox fur coat that my grandmother wore when I was a child. It was very elegant and soft to the touch. I retained an interest in fine clothing thereafter.

What's the most stylish item you own?

A python skin coin purse from Zagliani.

What is your most valuable item?

A bespoke great coat in cashmere--originally from Welsh and Jefferies.

What is the one look you wish you could pull off?

Full highland dress. It looks suberb if done correctly.

What is the one item that nobody should wear?

Velvet trousers. The sound they make when you're walking, the sheen, the fact that they don't hold a crease. Not good.

What is your view on accessories?

I don't much go in for accessories myself. I don't find them essential to a good outfit, but I can understand why they form such a part of the fashion industry.

Who would you say is the most stylish man ever to have lived?

Charlie Chaplin. Of course he's known for his role as 'the tramp', but as an individual, he was always impeccably dressed.

What is the one item you can't live without?

An excellent pair of shoes. There's nothing in the world like a pair of bespoke shoes from John Lobb. They fit perfectly and last a lifetime.

What do you like best about your job?

My clients, without a doubt, are the best part of the job. It's such a pleasure to meet a wide range of people and to help a bespoke commission come to life is always a joy.

How do you feel about the industry today?

The bespoke industry today is vibrant and innovative. Any fear that tailoring is dying out can be dismissed by visiting our shop. There are always interesting commissions being made and no end to the interest in clothing and the world of bespoke that goes with it.

If you weren't in the fashion industry, what would you be doing?

If I weren't in the fashion industry, I would have enjoyed being an historian.