Suit carriers for the wedding season

home_third_5 It’s looking smug that’s the problem. One can’t, when one has put ten bob on the right nose or completed an unlikely inside straight in a high-stakes game of hold ‘em, for example, help feeling a little pleased with oneself from time to time. The trick is not letting it show.

It is a fine problem to have, however, and one you will be sure to experience when you discover the simple joys of a suit carrier (if you haven’t already). When it comes to weddings and race meetings, there’s no easier way to get where you’re going and back with all the necessary kit well-organised, clean and crease free.

Picture the poor fellow labouring under all those overnight bags, his fingers turning an alarming shade of blue thanks to flimsy hangers provided by the dry-cleaners on which his morning suit barely hangs. He arrives swathed in polythene, his shirts, ties and suits on separate hangers, and his shoes – oh good Lord! – they’re still on the train!

One sympathises. One has been there. One knows the feeling. But then one equipped oneself with a sturdy suit carrier wrought of water-repellant, 16-ounce canvas with a smart, waxed-leather trim.

And one has never looked back.