Summer in the City: Lightweight Tailoring

Oliver Brown summer tailoring   August divides us into two camps: those who've wisely jetted away for a few weeks of R&R by the sea, and those who simply have too much to do, and are therefore holding up the fort in the city. If it's business as usual for you this August, then at least you're around to take advantage of the slightly less formal rules of tailoring. So unbutton that top button, loosen the tie and leave the jacket at home if the feeling strikes.   Lightweight city suits If your suit really does need to be formal all year round, the easy August win is to switch your usual suit to one of our lightweight city suits. They're expertly tailored in the same fashion as our regular city suits, but the lightweight fabric means the heat is a little more manageable. Team with the crispest white shirt you can find and remove your tie if suitable - just ensure you have collar stiffeners to avoid the wilted look.   Blazers and chinos The blazer-chino combination is a classic for good reason. It strikes the perfect balance between smart and casual, while still showing plenty of sartorial flair. Choose our single-breasted lightweight blazer in navy and team with neutral chinos, and add a brightly coloured pocket square. Go on, we dare you...   Cotton jackets and shorts For off-duty days, or more casual meetings that don't warrant a dress-code, our unlined cotton jackets are just the ticket. Made from 100% cotton, they're breathable and unlined to keep you from overheating on the hottest of August afternoons. And when the heat really strikes? Our tailored shorts just may be the answer. However, err on the side of caution when it comes to shorts in the workplace. Perhaps best worn while working remotely.   Browse our full jackets collection for different ideas on how to update your summer working wardrobe.