The Best of British (and a bit of Bond)


As with that wonderful phrase we examined a few weeks ago, ‘an acquired taste’, the word aficionado runs deep. Ostensibly, of course, it simply refers to someone with a particular knowledge or enthusiasm for a given topic. Then again, even with modesty aside, few would care to use the word with reference to themselves. There’s a subtle implication that there’s a little too much knowledge sloshing about, a little too much enthusiasm on display.

There’s the equally important and related distinction between inspiration and imitation. When it comes to anything Bond-related, the line is a fine one, and a dangerous one to cross. Were one to swing into a golf club car park in a silver DB5, one would raise eyebrows, no doubt. ‘Who’s this James Bond aficionado?’ the members might understandably ask themselves.

But in the same way that wearing Prince of Wales check does not mean that one is actually pretending to be the heir to the throne, a Glen Urquhart check is not a Bond costume. It is merely a nod of appreciation, an intimation of a certain tradition that, we would suggest, will never go out of fashion.

Besides, there are only so many grey or blue suits a man needs. So when you next find yourself browsing the swatches with a view to ordering up a new one, linger a moment over the Glen Urquhart: it was here before Bond, and is here to stay.