The Drinks Tray: Long & not-too-strong drinks for the sunshine

 Photo: Fran Polito / Getty Images

Just watching the players sweat it out in the sunshine can give one a thirst. Whatever the game, with several sets or four innings to get through one wants something that's not so strong as to blow the pennies off the eyes of a dead Irishman. We’ve got three uncommon recommendations for intrepid ladies and gentlemen who are looking beyond Pimm’s or whatever an Aperol spritz is for something long, cool and deeply refreshing.

In civilised surroundings like Lord’s or The All England, one can easily outrage common decency by asking for sherry and tonic in the same glass. But this drink is all about confidence. If anyone raises an eyebrow - if anyone even looks like raising one – one may look ‘em in the eye whilst demanding that the bar-steward add a slice of apple ‘like Joe used to do at Duke’s’.

If, however, one is enjoying the tennis on the Idiot’s Lantern or listening to Aggers and Blowers chew the cud on the wireless in the privacy of one’s own home, there’s something even more controversial one might like to try. It’s American and it’s nothing short of an outrage to those who like to think they know about beer. But ignore the snobs. Next time one is in Sainsbury’s, pick up a few bottles of Coors Light and get them as cold as you can without freezing them. They taste of very little (which, we’re told, makes them an ideal breakfast beer were one so inclined), and won’t blow one’s socks off.

Finally, if one is in the presence of royalty, one might choose to opt for what’s unofficially known as a Leander cocktail. It’s half orange juice, half lemonade and far more Angostura than one has ever put in anything in the whole history of ever. Keep adding the bitters ‘til the whole thing has gone that delicate shade of pinkish orange made famous by the eponymous rowing club, then add a good fistful of ice. (NB, this drink does have alcohol in it).