The Editor's Edit: What to wear shooting with the Shooting Gazette's Dr Watson

We caught up with shooting instructor Edward Watson, known as Dr Watson for his shooting prowess, to ask his advice on what to wear in the shooting field.  Edward used to be at the helm of the Royal Berkshire Shooting School, and later the West London Shooting School.  He has a monthly shooting instruction column in the Shooting Gazette, and has taught everyone from Prince Harry to Brad Pitt and Madonna.

Style or practicality?

Practicality wins every time. Shoot clothing must fit you correctly and feel comfortable. If your clothes hinder your shooting you’re at a loss before you even mount your gun. 

Plus Twos or Plus Fours?  In tweed, cotton, leather, moleskin or corduroy?

My favourite are Plus Twos for practicality and comfort, although Plus Fours hang elegantly, and I definitely prefer tweed to any other material. I have found a lot more people are wearing tweed trousers on days where they are able to wear heavyweight brogues as opposed to wellies – they look really smart.

Wellies or boots?

Boots and gaiters for the moors. Wellies for everything else.

Shooting socks; subtle or bright?

Shooting socks are the one bit of colour you can bring into your shooting wardrobe. They reflect your character so go bright, and always wear with garters.

Secret attire to help us shoot straight?

The jacket you choose to wear shooting must not have a vertical seam on the shoulder (like a regular jacket would have).  The shoulder needs to be part of the sleeve, otherwise the sleeve will roll up so when you mount the gun.  If you’re mounting on the roll of the seam not smoothly on your shoulder, not only will this hinder your shooting but it can also result in bruising.

Finally, your top tip for shooting?

Like any sport you shoot with your eyes not your brain – let your eyes see the bird, don’t over think your shooting.  And of course…have a lesson with Eddie! 

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