The Perfect Weekday Supper: Potted Game


Context is all. You know you can have them any time you want. There’re right there in the supermarket, up on the top shelf between the lumpfish roe and the pink things that used to be called ‘crab sticks’ but which now go under the even-less-appetising name of ‘seafood sticks’ because, or so you’ve heard, their ingredients are known to none but Lucifer and even He has to abide by Trading & Standards.

But when, in a fit of patriotic fervour, you visit the seaside and see those same little white tubs of potted shrimp you suddenly get all nostalgic. And so you should. On a slice of toast or tossed through a bowl of pasta, Potted Shrimps Are An Excellent Thing.

Which is why The Potted Game Company is also An Excellent Thing. Being country-minded folk, the owners have decided that we need to make more of the wild food all around us. Not just the fauna (their original tagline was ‘You’ve seen Watership Down, now eat the cast), but the flora, too. And then they’ve taken all this fresh and wild deliciousness and taken the same butter-based preservation technique so synonymous with shrimps and produced some irresistible variations on that theme.

Choose from potted duck with fennel, potted pheasant with smoked bacon and hazelnuts, potted venison with garlic and black pepper, and – our favourite – potted wild boar with smoked ham hock and sherry.

There’re just the think to find in the freezer when you want a simple but rather so

phisticated supper, and you can buy them here: