The Three Most Common Style Faux Pas

Style: they say you either have it, or you don't. But applying a certain amount of attention to detail can make a world of difference to your overall look and help you avoid some of the most common style faux pas. Here are three of our 'favourites', and how to avoid them.   1 - Saggy, baggy trouser legs You can spend hundreds - even thousands - on a magnificent suit that flatters your figure and looks the business. But if your trouser legs stack and bunch at the ankle, you look less like a sartorial style expert and more like a schoolboy on the first day of term, who'll eventually grow into his uniform. The solution? Buy your suit trousers unfinished and have them professionally hemmed. Yes, it's an extra task, but the correct trouser length really does make a difference. At Oliver Brown our suits are available with unfinished trousers so you can perfect the length yourself.   2 - Disappearing collars On more casual days when you're wearing a suit and shirt but no tie, your collar often flattens and disappears under your jacket lapels. It happens very easily and looks rather sloppy. The solution? It's easily prevented with often-overlooked accessories: collar stiffeners. They pop into your collar to keep things looking crisp and smart. We sell a pair of silver collar stiffeners and highly recommend them with the purchase of dress shirts.   3 - Matching socks and shoes There's a hard and fast rule for getting it right when it comes to socks: they should match (or complement) your trousers, NOT your shoes. The solution? Make sure you buy a couple of pairs of complementary socks every time you buy new trousers. It doesn't mean there's no place for patterned or brightly coloured socks, though. Just ensure they're not too close in colour to your shoes.   Any other men's style faux pas you feel passionate about? Let us know!