Three automatic watches that are slim, subtle, smart – and under £1,000

  Perhaps it's the sheer simplicity of a dinner suit that makes it so apt for an evening’s refined entertainment - an apparently somber panoply that nevertheless points toward luxury. It’s also a fine example of what we’re calling The Martini Rule: The main ingredient is the finely tailored suit, the subordinate ingredient the crisp white shirt, and the grace note the watch or cufflinks.   With such a simple recipe, the quality of the ingredients is of course paramount. That’s why we’ve brought together three of our favourite ‘grown-up’ watches that will round off an evening outfit wonderfully without breaking the bank.   c5auto-sbb-mk2_2   Christopher Ward’s reputation for fine craftsmanship, reliability and value for money is well earned. The C5 Malvern Automatic MkII is the fine example of all three qualities.   max-bill-automatic_027_3400_00_cmyk   Like his art and architecture as well as his typeface and industrial designs, the clocks and watches designed by Swiss polymath Max Bill for Junghans have proved their enduring popularity. The Junghans Max Bill is a fine example of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication.   ua8069-a1-1   The Archimede 1950s is also simplicity itself: a thin, elegant casing holds a pleasingly 50s-style domed glass, a clean, uncluttered face and – as always with this little-known brand - immaculate detailing.