Three Tailoring Terms You Need to Know

You've got the suit and you can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk? There are certain terms within the tailoring industry that aren't just for the experts; they'll increase your sartorial savvy next time you're considering a new purchase.   1. Bespoke Yes, we all know the term. But did you know that bespoke tailoring is fully handmade? The tailor’s experienced eye takes into consideration your unique stature, balance and stance before hand-crafting the ultimate suit. Stats fans: the tailor takes up to 20 measurements of the customer's body before starting, and will spend up to 60 hours finessing the garment. Talk about attention to detail!   2. Darts Again, a simple term. But a perfectly positioned dart on a tailored shirt can completely transform the overall look and enhance your silhouette. You wouldn't catch Mr Bond in a baggy, shapeless shirt, would you?   3. Balance Most won't notice, but those who do, definitely do. The 'balance' is used to describe the symmetry between the front and back of a jacket. It's hard to achieve in ready-to-wear clothing as we're all unique in shape and size. But, if perfect balance is what you're after and it simply has to look perfect, then made-to-measure or bespoke tailoring is for you.   Feeling inspired? Take a look at our suits collection - or enquire about our bespoke tailoring service.