What to Wear to... a Country Wedding

For formal weddings in Britain, morning dress remains the most popular choice of attire, and with our extensive range of morning wear, everyone from the groom to wedding guests en masse can find a unique and elegant outfit for the ‘big day’.

Our lightweight stripe or herringbone morning trousers form the perfect foundation upon which to build formal day-time attire during the warmer months.

These can be paired with any of our black morning coats: for a unique flair, why not try adding braiding to the trim of the coat? Or alternately, we have several exciting morning suit options in grey.

The selection of waistcoats we have available is dazzling both in quantity and vivacity of colour. New this season is a mid-blue wool waistcoat that pairs well with any combination of accessories. A cheery tie in red, pink, or yellow would match well with this waistcoat. Wear this with a plain white, blue or striped shirt, and the ensemble is complete.

Although top hats are no longer obligatory at weddings, should you wish to soar to the heady heights of elegance, we have a colossal range of toppers, both antique and modern, to explore. Especially for the groom and best man, it is only meet and right to ring in the day with a show of shiny silk atop one’s head.

However, there is an increasing trend towards more casual matrimonial attire, and for such a wedding, we at Oliver Brown, have you covered as well.

Especially for weddings taking place outside—always a gamble in Britain—one might consider a linen suit and shirt with a silk knitted tie and panama hat. Pair this ensemble with brown suede loafers, and the ease with which you’ll find yourself mingling amongst the celebratory throng will be effortless.

Whatever the day requires, one can find our selection online or visit our shop for specialist advice. We understand how important and exacting sartorial standards are for one’s wedding day, or indeed for guests—for one should not forget that sage advice from Four Weddings and a Funeral that ‘apparently, an enormous number of people actually bump into their future spouses at weddings’—so we are pleased to help you look your very best.