What to Wear: Henley Royal Regatta

G. K. Chesterton once said that while Royal Ascot is ‘Britain at its triumphant best’, Henley Royal Regatta is ‘Britain at its leisurely rest’: a time when the country joins together ‘in one great garden party’.

True, the dress code is more relaxed than Ascot. Straw panama hats replace silk toppers, and colourful boating blazers replace black or grey morning coats, but the sporting endeavour is just as great and every bit as exciting. Top squads of rowers will descend upon a sleepy stretch of the River Thames in just over a week’s time to pull-pull together towards victory.

As always, Oliver Brown is ready to dress gentleman for every eventuality in the social calendar. In the Steward’s Enclosure, gentlemen are required to wear a lounge suit, or a jacket or blazer with flannels and a tie or cravat. Many people will be wearing jackets emblazoned with their college or school boat club colours, ranging from sober crests and piping around jacket edges to outlandish displays of striped cloth.

From our spring/summer 2018 collection, we recommend wearing our un-lined mesh blazer, white linen trousers, and folding panama hat (all pictured above). To complete the ensemble, these items pair well with brown loafers, cheerfully coloured socks, a polo belt or braces, and a white shirt. One’s tie or cravat, if not bearing the colours of one’s boat club, should be bright and summery, perhaps, as we would suggest, with a stripe. Alternately, any of our linen suits would be equally as appropriate.

For the revellers attending, we wish for jolly boating weather and for the British men’s and women’s crews, sweeping wins on the river!